Moon phases diary



This is a moon diary that I’ve done throughout November. On this sheet of paper it shows all of the types of moons that came in November and how much was visible on that night. (I’ve done a key because all of the words couldn’t fit into the little box and it’s easier to read I think.)


“Size Matters”

On Monday and Thursday we did an activity called size matters. It’s when we get split into groups of 3-6 people in it.) Then we choose a planet and made it. I was assigned Mars, and we had to make it 1.5cm and if you’re asking yes that was hard! Then we put all of the planets together and made the solar system but it was not to scale if you were about to ask.

That’s all for this post slán!


Over this term my grade is doing lit.circles. Lit circles is when we read a book, meet up in a group and discuss about it. The book that my groups reading is called Elysium by Catherine Jinks. It’s about a group of children going to a ghost tour, and they think they see a ghost, so they start investigating. I’m really excited to read the book and learn about all the ghost that they meet, (if they meet any.)


My group


Leadership with Mrs. Montgomery.

Hello everybody!

Today our principal Mrs. Montgomery came to my classroom to teach all the grade 5’s about leadership. (As you can tell by the heading.)We were told how to become a leader, but to become a leader you must follow by these rules. You have to be funny,mentally strong,work in a team, be confident and be honest. I personally liked being funny the most. I think that Mrs. Montgomery gave us a big “heads up” on how to  make a wise choice on what leader you want to be. I am probably running for Performing Arts Captain, Sports Captain and school captain. (School captain is my favourite!) Would you want to be a leader?

I would ask Mrs.Montgomery if being a principal is harder than being a teacher.

Auf Wiedersehen!



Haiku Poem

Hello again Everybody! Welcome to my blog. Today in school I made a haiku poem. Now a. Haiku poem is a poem,as you can tell. But it starts off with 5 syllables than 7 and then 5 again. Here are my 2 favourites.


some are angry, some a mean.

Most are nice


They’ve big teeth,big feet and big hearts.

They will take you down!

Those are my 2 Hiku poems, hope you enjoyed them.



Just then a couple of minutes ago Greensborough College came to my school and performed. (Are you jealous?) The band played their music and the choir sang it’s the climb. Everyone in my group got to sing “Up town Funk.” Half of the group did the lyrics and the other half did DO DO DO DO DO DO! (See I knew you’d get jealous!) Some people enjoyed it, some didn’t and some weren’t fussed. At the end I would give it a 6/10.

au revoir!


Halloween poem

Hello! Today at school we had to make a poem about something that we know a lot about. My poem is about Halloween and here it is!

Halloween makes you scream,

It makes you feel like a queen,

If you drees up like a zombie,

You’ll want to eat Abercrombie,

Halloweeen is that one night,

where you get to give people a fright,

I like going trick our treating,

You’ll end up over eating,

You’ll hear people squeaking,

At the treats you are eating.

thank you!


Today my school went to Montmorency Secondary school for leadership day. We talked about leadership and did leadership activities.

I was in red group and our first activity was cops and jewel thieves, it was an activity about teamwork. We then had 9 other activities about initiative,co-operation,strategy,communication,persistence and leadership.

My favourite activity was the m&m’s and cops and jewel thieves. Everyone was glad and having fun at every activity. It was time for lunch so we all went outside and played. Afterwards we did two more activities and went into the bus to get to school. That was my day.                                                                                        Would you want to go there?

Sincerely Fiona.